Sunday, 22 November 2009

the Corniche Womens Hospital - Abu Dhabi

Celia has an insect in her eye, it must have embedded itself whilst we were driving with the top off the jeep. I pull over and make several unsuccessful attempts to remove it. It's quite big and seems to be actually adhered to her eye. I'm panicking as know the dangerous diseases some insects carry.

As we're on the Corniche race up to the Corniche Womens Hospital as sure they will be able to remove it safely. As we enter the foyer of the hospital a security man rushes at my son Toby, arm raised menacingly brandishing a truncheon as if to attack him.
This place is for women only and although my son is only nine years old he's categorised as a man by all accounts. We are shaken by this inhospitable and inexplicable action and hastily return to the car and still haven't sorted Celia's eye out. As I pull away close to tears I see the insect has blinked itself out and quickly wipe it away..

I have to visit the hospital again, the doc is worried and recommends an internal and when I get back to UK a smear test. Nothing untoward in that. A little apprehensive but not unduly so.

I make another appointment. This time I go alone. I remark about the earlier incident but they explain that Arab boys are developed sexually at that age and the law is the law. Strictly no males.

The doctors and nurses are all very friendly and put me at my ease, I know a few of them as socialise with them, that's the funny thing in Abu Dhabi. It's a very small community. Maybe sometimes a bit too small.

As I lay on the examination table, legs akimbo, whilst they do an exploratory.  I'm staggered to observe an Arab languidly leaning against the open door looking on with some interest whilst drawing on a fag. I yell out in anger and frustration at the sheer absurdity and double standards of the laws here.

And to think we all complain about the NHS.....

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