Thursday 9 May 2013

How to reupholster a foot stool in patchwork

Funky and cheap ideas for the home

I had a large foot stool that I originally made back in the ‘eighties that was looking a bit well: ‘eighties. And thought about giving it a makeover but couldn't decide what, then hit on the idea of patchwork. I had some absolutely gorgeous Malabar silk and linen and embroidered swatches in vibrant colours and thought they would make a stunning patchwork covering.

So hauled out the machine and started sewing the pieces together. I wanted to create something quite exotic and unusual.

I found some vintage (old) bullion piping in the shed to finish the seam off and some bright turquoise bobble fringing for around the base.


Tools required:

Staple gun

Piping cord

Upholstery foam

Bobble fringing

I painted the old-fashioned cabriole legs bright turquoise with fuchsia pink detail and reversed the colours on the back legs.

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