Friday 5 September 2014

The Joys of Bed

Apart from the obvious, we all derive a great deal of pleasure from our beds. Which is just as well as we spend a third of our lives in them. They are our battery charger, nothing is better than a good nights sleep. Beds also give us refuge and comfort, whether from illness, broken hearts or just a hangover. Or just to lounge luxuriantly/indolently, indulging ourselves in laziness. What is better than a lie-in on a Sunday morning? or late night reading. Bed is good. So, it seems only fitting that they should be treated with the very best of adornments.

This is an area where the division of the sexes is most noticable. A man's bed will have newspapers, underwear, magazines and the odd beer can strewn across it and a disturbing lack of cushions: something men hate.

Whereas a woman's bed will have four pillows, two different types of pillowcases, a duvet, a bedspread, and many, many cushions. Mine also has cats..... 

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